Once Upon a Time

When the current owners bought the land in 1992, it was a well-run dairy farm. The operation was immediately expanded and for most of the time there were around 30 milking cows at the farm and a production of 140.000 liters of milk per year. For a few years, the farm also operated as an open farm and a petting zoo with most of the Icelandic domestic animals.

For most of the time the haymaking was conventional field drying but in the last few years of operation, round bales replaces the conventional field drying and experimental barley production began.

Even though there is no conventional farming on the land anymore, neighboring farmers still make use of the grass fields. They apply natural fertilizers to the fields in the autumn and conventional fertilizers in the spring and during the summer.

The previous owners of the land began planting trees in the nearby heath around 1990 and now the trees are almost ready for the first selection cutting.