About Us

The husband and wife, Inga Margrét Árnadóttir (b. 1958) and Stefán Tryggvason (b. 1957) own and run the hotel. The two youngest sons are also involved in running the business, Þórir (b. 1992) as Assistant Hotel Manager and Arnaldur (b. 1996) as Reception Manager. The two of them study during the winter or travel the world.

The three eldest children have flown the nest and live elsewhere. Jóhanna (b. 1978) lives in Reyðarfjörður with her family; husband and three children. Tryggvi (b. 1982) and Árni (b. 1984) live and work in Reykjavík. Then there are four daughters in law and last but not least, Inga’s brother Gísli, which lives in the beautiful Mývatnssveit. The whole family is involved in running Hotel Natur.

Once Upon a Time

When the current owners bought the land in 1992, it was a well-run dairy farm. For most of the time there were around 30 milking cows at the farm and a production of 140.000 liters of milk per year.

Extreme Makeover

When the decision was made to switch from dairy farming to the hotel business around springtime 2004, major remodeling of the cowshed and the barn began.

Environmental Policy

Hotel Natur’s policy is to progress and run the hotel under the flag of sustainable development in the spirit of Agenda 21. One of the most important factor in doing so is to make use of existing buildings.