There are many types of recreational activities available, both indoors and outdoors. There is a sunny lounge in the basement underneath the dining hall, where guests can relax and enjoy the view over Eyjafjörður. At the same location, guests can also play a game of billiard or table tennis, work out or even check out the jacuzzi or infrared sauna. Changing rooms and showers are nearby if guests want to unwind in the outdoor hot tub, which is conveniently located near a small forest just by the hotel.

There are many hiking trails near the hotel, leading both down to the seashore and also up to a nearby hill called “Vaðlaheiði” (see map). There is a picnic area near the seashore, where guest can relax to the sounds of the waves and the singing of the birds.

There is a 12 meter high sightseeing tower near the main entrance to the hotel that is definitely worth a look at any time of year. By the car park, guests can find a small Swingolf course. Swingolf is a fun and easy version of golf that is plaid with one type of club and a soft ball.

Within a 15 minute drive from the hotel, guests can find a swimming pool, go horseback riding, play a round of golf and go whale watching, just to name a few things!