Environmental Policy

  • Hotel Natur’s policy is to progress and run the hotel under the flag of sustainable development in the spirit of Agenda 21.
  • One of the most important factor in doing so is to make use of existing buildings and up until now, no new buildings have been built after the decision was made to switch from dairy farming to the hotel business. So you find yourself in what used to be a cowshed and a barn!
  • When renovating the buildings, we sought to use natural materials and materials associated with Nordic culture. As an example, most of the indoor constructions and doors are made out of birch.
  • Outdoors, we tried to protect the nature at the same time as making it more accessible to the hotel guests.
  • When possible, we use environmentally friendly cleaning products and we try to minimize the use of such products.
  • We make sure to minimize any shrinkage associated with consumer goods and to make energy use as economical as possible.
  • Most of Hotel Nature’s employees come from the Þórisstaðir family and the local area.